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System of a Down2002-05-19NurnbergGermany22 minPROView
System of a Down2002-05-20LandgraafThe Netherlands30 minPROView
System of a Down2011-06-05NurburgGermany87 minPROView
System of a Down2002-01-20Gold CoastAustralia, QLD36 minPROView
System of a Down2011-06-11DoningtonEngland16 minPROFull HDView
System of a Down1999-04-09TokyoJapan22 minPROView
System of a Down2005-04-04LondonEngland21 minPROView
System of a Down2001-08-25BiddinghuizenThe Netherlands49 minPROView
System of a Down1997-07-11West HollywoodUSA, CA44 minPROView
System of a Down2005-06-11ScheesselGermany26 minPROHDView
System of a Down2013-08-13LodzPoland85 minAUDRight camView
System of a Down2017-06-12PragueCzech Republic97 minAUDFull HDRight camView
PragueCzech Republic96 minAUDFull HDLeft camView
System of a Down2011-05-25IrvineUSA, CA111 minAUDView
System of a Down2005-08-29MontréalCanada, QC94 minAUDView
System of a Down2013-08-14PragueCzech Republic75 minAUDFull HDLeft camView
System of a Down2002-05-17NurburgGermany22 minAUDVHS (1)View
System of a Down2005-05-10PhiladelphiaUSA, PA62 minAUDView
System of a Down2011-06-15BerlinGermany84 minAUDHDRight far camView
System of a Down2000-02-11CincinnatiUSA, OH55 minAUDVHS (1)View
System of a Down2011-06-15BerlinGermany52 minAUDHDRight close camView
BerlinGermany84 minAUDRight far cam / DVD versionView
System of a Down2000-07-16PhoenixUSA, AZ26 minAUDVHS (x)View
System of a Down2011-06-21MoscowRussia91 minAUDView
System of a Down1999-08-23Grand RapidsUSA, MI62 minAUDView
System of a Down2002-07-31MontréalCanada, QC75 minAUDView
System of a Down2002-03-08MilanItaly72 minAUDVHS (x)View